• BLE tAG Detector

    Immediately identifies and alerts for hidden BLE tags.

    Price 82000  VAT incl.
    Multichannel wireless communication detector for professionals Protect

     Detects: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G, DECT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max.

    Price 84000  VAT incl.
    3G,5G GSM module detector MOBIFINDER 4

    Detects GSM mobile modules (phones, GPS tracks, GSM listening equipment, etc.) in standby mode.

    Price 85000  VAT incl.
    Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector

    Manta Ray detects cell phones that are completely OFF & battery removed behind, under or inside a variety of materials including aluminum, sheet rock and concrete.

    Price 148500  VAT incl.
    Yorkie cell phone detector for contraband detection

    Works up to a radius of 45 m indoors and up to 800 m in the field (field of view).  Frequency limits: 600-3800 MHz.

    Price 196600  VAT incl.
    BlueSleuth-Pro Bluetooth and BLE Device Locator

    Locate personal any BLE trackers (including unregistered tags) that violate privacy and illegally stalk and track.
    BANDS SUPPORTED ISM 2.400-2.485 GHz.
    BLUETOOTH CHANNELS 79 channels with 1 MHz spacing.

    Price 400000  VAT incl.
    PRO-W12DX 5G 12GHZ Professional wideband RF detector

     High Sensitivity 0-10 GHz Bug Detector with memory function.

    Price 450000  VAT incl.
    Professional Cellular Activity Monitor - 2G/3G/4G Wifi/Bluetooth

     Detector is a handheld multiband cellular signal detector ready for the latest generation of 4G devices (as well as existing 2G and 3G), plus Wifi/Bluetooth devices.

    Price 456000  VAT incl.
    Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor

    Multiband detector for the detection and logging of all types of radio frequency devices. 

    Price 619000  VAT incl.
    Yorkie-Pro handheld wireless intrusion detection system

    FREQUENCY RANGE 650 MHz to 3 GHz and 4.9 – 5.9 GHz (covers all cellular devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and BLE).

    Price 881000  VAT incl.
    SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Screener for Correctional Facilities

    Screener is a single pole  solution to detect unauthorized or illegal cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wearables and even weapons including guns, knives and makeshift shivs and shanks.

    Price 905000  VAT incl.
    5G Multiband Wireless Activity Monitor WAM-X10

    Multiband detector for the detection and logging of all types of radio frequency devices. 

    Price 945000  VAT incl.
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