Delivery/ Payment method

  • DELIVERY IS MADE BY: (Venipak courier, LP Express terminals, TNT, Fedex courier) 


    * With regard to the increasing needs of our clients, we deliver the goods at any point in the world.
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    Online store "" accepts all of the following payment options. Please choose the most convenient for you:

    1. Payment order;

    2. Payment cards;

    3. "Lietuvos spauda", "Lietuvos Paštas", "Rkiosk", "Perlo Paslaugos" or "Maxima" cash register functionality;

    4. Payment system PayPal;

    5. Cash at the time of delivery;

    1) undertakes to deliver the goods to the Client not later than within 1-4 business days after the confirmation of execution of the order is sent to the Client. This term does not apply in cases where warehouse does not have the required goods, and the Customer is informed about the lack of ordered goods. In addition, the Client agrees that, in exceptional cases, the delivery of the goods may be

    delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, while undertakes to immediately contact the Client and coordinate the delivery of the items.

    2)     When ordering goods, the Client undertakes to indicate the place of delivery of the goods, choose the time of delivery of the goods (indicating the interval, if provided) and the person who will accept the


    3)     The customer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that, goods are delivered to the specified address according to the details, provided by the Client but they cannot be accepted by the

    Client, the Client has no right for claims against regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong subject.

    4)     Ordering items at online store:

    a)     they are delivered at a convenient time via the UAB “Venipak” courier service during business days from 8 am to 5 pm;

    b)    when accepting the goods, the Client is obliged to inspect the packaging of the parcel together with the courier. Having noticed packaging violations, the Customer must indicate this in the consignment note

    and fill in a parcel damage act;

    c) shall not be liable for damage to the product or part thereof if it was not recorded on the consignment note at the time of acceptance of the consignment;

    d)    in cases where the Customer cannot accept the goods at the specified time, he undertakes to immediately notify the UAB “Venipak” courier by calling the telephone number, which was used by the couriers to contact him.

    5)     If UAB “Venipak” is not in a position to deliver the goods due to the fault of the Client or due to circumstances related to the Client, the Client is entitled to collect the goods at a place, agreed upon with the

    UAB “Venipak”. Otherwise, in case the Client fails to receive the goods for three times the goods are returned to, and the Customer is not entitled to claims regarding the failure to deliver the goods

    on time. Additionally, is, in all cases, exempted from liability for the violation of the delivery time if the goods are not delivered to the Clint or delivered late due to the fault of the Client or in

    circumstances related to the Client.

    6)     The Client must immediately inform by e-mail in the following cases:

    a)     If there is no delivery in 3 (three) days after the receipt of the Confirmation of the regarding the shipment of goods;

    b)    in cases when the consignment is delivered in a damaged, melt or otherwise damaged package;

    c)     if the consignment contains goods, which were not ordered or an inappropriate quantity of ordered goods, not all goods or items of inappropriate size or measurements.

    7)     In all cases, when the package, which is delivered by the courier is cracked, wet or otherwise externally damaged, the Client must specify (write comments) or fill out a separate act on such deficiencies in

    the delivery document, submitted by the courier. The Client must do this together with the courier. Failure to do so will result in Client not being able to file claims against for damaged goods, if such

    violations arose due to packaging violations, which the Client did not specify in the delivery document.

    8)     In cases when the Client notices that the consignment does not contain the proper set of goods during the acceptance of the goods, he is obliged to immediately inform regarding the situation.

    9) is exempted from liability for the breach of terms, if the goods are not presented or presented late to the Client due to his fault or due to circumstances, related to the Client;

    10)  During the delivery of the goods, the Client is obliged to inspect the condition of the consignment together with the employee of or his authorized representative from UAB “Venipak” and sign the

    invoice or other product transfer-acceptance document. The consignment is held transferred to the Client in proper condition after he signs the invoice, bill of lading, or any other consignment transfer-acceptance act.

    11) reserves the right to unilaterally decide according to circumstances, on which way of product delivery (Specified in article 4 of these Rules) to choose to deliver the goods to the Client, and the

    Client fully agrees with this condition without any reservations.

    12)  The goods are not transferred to the Curonian Spit or are delivered according to a separate agreement.

    13)  Delivery of goods is free on the territory of Lithuania.