Why us?

  •  "Slapukas" is a specialized, high-quality surveillance equipment shop.

    We are working since 2009. Over time we have found products fit the needs of our clients in the best way possible.

    We cooperate with Europe, Asia, USA and other. Famous manufacturers entrusted us with their representation in Lithuania. By supplying goods directly from manufacturers, we can offer you the latest

    protection and covert surveillance devices that inspire us to work and make continuous improvement.

Our equipment comes in handy for many: employing our devices allows companies to monitor employee activity and fight against industrial espionage; Parents have the opportunity to assess the job of their

    nannies and control their rebellious adolescent children.
We cooperate with governmental institutions and detectives and are actively are interested in innovation in our field of expertise, therefore, we are quick to

    respond to the needs of the customers and frequently update the range of our products.

    If the price of the product is the cause preventing you from buying it - feel free to address us. We have no aim of selling the goods for a price as high as possible. Our aim is to help you to ensure your safety and

    feel at ease.

    We will be thankful for a reasonable proposal to reduce the price. We know how and where the goods are moving, and what consequences can await the buyer if he buys the product cheaply ( a product not

    intended for the European market). 

    You can come to our office or buy our products over the internet without any doubts regarding the quality and reliability of our products. The goods are well tested and have collected great recommendations

    during all of the years of our work.
We consult our clients on the use of the products, demonstrate their operation principles and teach them in handling of the goods. Whenever a client orders a product online, he

    receives instructions for use in Lithuanian language. If need arises, we also consult and teach our clients over the telephone. We provide a 12-month guarantee for all our products.

    We guarantee confidentiality and ensure that any information received from customers will never fall in hands of any third parties.

    We welcome your comments and suggestions.

    Your opinion is important to us!

    Thank you for choosing us.

Slapukas team.