•  What is GlocalMe and how it works?

    GlocalMe, an international mobile internet service that operates almost anywhere in the world. Consumers can enjoy the world wide mobile network at a fixed flat rate (0.05 € / Mb) in any country where the service is provided or select service plans based on the countries visited.

    The GlocalMe service works through portable devices that provide Wi-Fi connectivity. The connection is provided through GSM telecommunications company networks, using the strongest GSM connection of any company, at the location of the GlocalMe device, thus ensuring the best internet connection for the user.



    What to do to get started with GlocalMe Services?

    Purchase a GlocalMe device you like, sign up for an account through the device or application, top up your account with pay as you go, or buy a data plan that you like. From that moment, you can connect your smart devices to GlocalMe like to any other Wi-Fi device and get internet access almost anywhere in the world. You can refill at any time after you have used up your data pack or after your data pack expires. Total freedom – no contract or obligation.


    Benefits of GlocalMe

    No roaming charges

    GlocalMe connects to a local operator to provide the best data transfer speed, quality and cost;

    No SIM card required;

    GloclaMe works without SIM cards, but GlocalMe devices have spare microSIM slot and you can insert your SIM cards and use their data services if needed;

    Reasonable price;

    Almost always GlocalMe rates are better than your roaming or alternative carrier rates;

    4G High Speed Internet;

    The fastest 4G LTE internet service is possible if available locally;

    Secure encrypted communication;

    Thanks to IMSI switching technology and the VPN IPSec encryption solution, we ensure greater security of the transmitted data;

    Mobile internet in most countries for 0.05 Eur / Mb;

    Even if you do not have any data plan, you will be able to browse many countries (over 140 countries) for a reasonable fee of 0.05Eur / Mb. You will only pay for the data you have used;

    4G LTE;

    GlocalMe devices support all countries data transmission standards, not limited to 4G and LTE;

    The strongest GSM signal;

    GlocalMe will automatically connect to the operator with the strongest signal in your country, eliminating the need to worry about manually changing network settings;

    No more need to use mobile operators services;

    When traveling, GlocalMe eliminates the need to buy SIM cards and contract with operators;


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    Portable Wi-Fi GlocalMe U3

    Weight: 125g; Working hours: 15h; Size: 126*66*10 mm​; Connected devices: 10;  

    Price 15000  VAT incl.
    Portable Wi-Fi GlocalMe G4

    Screen: 5 LED HD touch screen; Weight: 125g; Working hours: 15h; Size: 126*66*10 mm​; Connected devices: 10;  


    Price 16900  VAT incl.