How to buy

  •  It is very easy to order the product you are interested in from "".

    You will need to:

    1. Choose a profuct and click on it.


2. Indicate the quantity of the items and click the "add To cart“ button. The product will be added to your shopping cart.
You can always see the amount of products in the cart at the right corner of the webpage in the "Shopping cart" field. You can always check which products are in your shopping cart by pressing the "Show the shopping cart" field.

    If you decide to not buy one or several goods, please click the strikethrough circle (hovering the mouse over it will show the "Remove the product from the cart" sign) and the product will be removed. If you want to change the amount of the product, enter the number in the corresponding field and click the refresh button.

    Continue shopping. When you are finished - return to the "Shopping cart" If you have a gift coupon, enter the code and click "Pay".
You will see the final order price under the list of purchased products.

    Login to system by entering your user name and password, and if you are not registered, please fill out our simple form and You will be able to continue shopping.

    We wish you pleasant shopping on the "" webpage.