Voice recorders

  • Digital voice recorder

     Continuous recording time: ~  24-1152 hours.  Sound-activated recording. Dimensions: 105,5*22.5*14.5 mm.

    Price 9000  VAT incl.
    Voice recorder "Mini" 16 GB

     Continuous recording time: ~ 24 hours.  Sound-activated recording. Dimensions:  68*11*21 mm.

    Price 9900  VAT incl.
    Voice recorder MR-S

     Continuous recording time: ~ 13 hours. Sound-activated recording. Dimensions: 40*23*5 mm. 

    Price 11000  VAT incl.
    Wrist Watch Voice Recorder

    Continuous recording time: ~ 33 hours. Sound-activated recording.  

    Price 11800  VAT incl.
    Call Recorder for Iphone, Samsung

    Continuous recording time: 10 hours. Dimensions: 135.5 * 180 * 38.4 mm; 

    Price 13500  VAT incl.
    Voice recorder pen XHQ

    Continuous recording time: XHQ quality: 17 hours. LP quality: 71 hours. Dimensions:  11.4*133.5 mm.

    Price 14500  VAT incl.
    Wifi voice recorder

    Continuous recording, recording from sound, direct listening to sounds, recording sounds to micro SD card, remote download of sounds, long operating time. Dimensions: 6*3*1 cm.

    Price 16000  - 19600  VAT incl.
    GSM module LONG POWER REC 60

    Continuous listening:: ~ 24 hours. Dimensions:  52*32*16 mm.

    Price 17500  VAT incl.

    Continuous recording, recording from sound, direct listening to sounds, recording sounds to micro SD card, remote download of sounds.

    Price 20000  - 22400  VAT incl.
    High quality voice recorder with Power bank function

     Continuous recording time: ~ 336 hours. Sound-activated recording. Dimensions:  93*27*23 mm.

    Price 20000  VAT incl.
    Voice recorder LONG POWER+

    Continuous listening:: ~288 hours. Dimensions: 70*35*10 mm.

    Price 25900  VAT incl.

      Continuous listening time: ~ 13 hours. Continuous recording time: 288 hours. Dimensions:  76*33*14 mm.

    Price 28000  VAT incl.
    32000  You save 4000 
    Ultra slim voice recorder

      Continuous recording time: ~ 135 hours. Sound-activated recording. Dimensions:  97*80*3,5 mm.

    Price 28000  VAT incl.
    29900  You save 1900 
    Voice recorder Soroka S18

    Continuous recording time: ~ 65 hours. Sound-activated recording. Dimensions: 24*14,1*9 mm.

    Price 45500  VAT incl.
    Professional voice recorder Soroka 14

    Continuous listening: Up to two days / 7*24 hours. Internal microphone; External microphone; Dimensions: 28*22.5*7 mm;

    Price 46000  VAT incl.
    Edison's phonograph cylinder (invented in the 19th century) was the first reliable recording device that made transcription possible.
    In fact, this invention has helped take recording to a new level of precision not seen before. Recorders have come a long way. Whether you need to record audio for a business meeting, a lecture, or an interview, a voice recorder is one of the best business tools. While there are other options on the market, an audio recorder will give you the highest quality playback sound, it's compact and lightweight for easy portability, relatively inexpensive, and will allow you to record hundreds of hours and easily transfer the recordings to your computer. With so many different voice recorders on the market, it can seem difficult to find the right one to suit your needs. Should you buy one with voice recognition software? How much memory do you need?
    It will all depend on you and the scripts you have to record. However, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself to help you find the best voice recorder for your needs: What settings will you use to record sound? Will you be outside? Inside? How big or small is the room? What about the acoustics? Will there be multiple speakers? Will they have a microphone? What specific features will make your life easier? For example, will you be recording in dimly lit areas or at night? If so, buying a backlit device will save the day. Why are you recording? Do you intend to do this for yourself, or are you hoping to rewrite the record? If you're recording just for yourself, you may want to compromise on some features. If you or anyone else will be transcribing the sound, you will want to pay particular attention to the quality of the sound and playback. How often will you record? If you plan to use it fairly regularly, a device with rechargeable batteries can help you save money.
    There are a number of features to consider before buying a recorder. Some of the following factors may have more influence than others, but we recommend that you use the list below to compare several different models in order to find the best sound recorder for you. Both the quality of the sound and the quality of the recording will determine how clear the recordings are. The quality of the microphone and the higher bits per second (bit rate) can also produce clear recording sound. Some digital audio devices may have a variable recording setting. This means you can record the quality of audio you need at the touch of a button. For example, higher-end recorders can even produce crisp and clear recordings from the concert hall. Recorders come in all shapes and sizes, typically the size of a smartphone and weighing around several kilograms. The available memory capacity of the audio recorder will determine how long you can record before you need to transfer the files to your computer or delete them. Memory space is affected by two different factors, including the type of file (mp3, wave, etc.) and the quality of the recording. If you will be recording in places with poor acoustics, a good investment would be to buy a recorder capable of capturing top quality sound. Once you know the settings you will use to record, you can investigate and read how different recorders performed in the sound tests. You can even visit your local electronics shop to see if they have any recommendations for a particular device. Often, referrals can lead to the best product.

    Do you have a favourite recorder? What features are most important to you when choosing an audio recorder? Decide and buy one. It's convenient that voice recorders are available for sale online.