Voice recorder LONG POWER+

  • Voice recorder LONG POWER+

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    Continuous listening:: ~288 hours. Dimensions: 70*35*10 mm.

  • GSM listening device is a device that is used to listen to the different sounds and conversations. Providing a 20 square meter coverage. In addition, he constantly powered so it can function without interruptions.  For the most demanding people who want to have the possibility of long-term recording in very high quality. Professional voice recorder module with output microphone. The length of the microphone is 120 cm. The recorder's microphone is extremely sensitive. Compact, easy to put in the desired place. It has a unique function - recording from sound.


    • For the safety of yourself and your children.



    • Continuous recording;
    • Sound-activated recording;
    • Date and time are displayed;
    • Compact size;
    • Output microphone;
    • The length of the extended microphone is 120 cm;
    • Easily hidden and invisible;
    • Continuous recording time: up to 288 hours the highest XHQ sound quality.
    • Duration of operation in standby mode: ~150 days;
    • 16 GB internal memory;
    • 3000 mAh battery;
    • Dimensions: 7*3.5*1 cm;
    • Weight: 61 g;


    Set of equipment

    • Voice recorder LONG POWER+;
    • USB wire;
    • Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.