2G,4G,5G GSM module detector MOBIFINDER 5

  • 2G,4G,5G GSM module detector MOBIFINDER 5

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    Detects GSM mobile modules (phones, GPS tracks, GSM listening equipment, etc.) in standby mode.

  • Fixates GSM mobile modules (phones, GPS trackers, GSM tapping/listening equipment etc.) in standby mode. "Mobifinder" detector recognizes, detects and fixates GSM mobile modules (phones, GPS trackers, GSM tracking, equipment, etc.) in standby mode. The detection distance depends on the location (open space – 30 m and about 10 m in buildings, especially in case of reinforced concrete walls).

    The mobile module transmits the RD signals in the following cases

    • Calling;
    • While talking;
    • When the module (phone) is turned on (after PIN code entry);
    • Turning off;
    • Changing the assigned base station;
    • During periodic updates;

    Where can it be used?

    • Prisons;
    • Military security zones;
    • Other special security zones;

    Found GSM modules

    • GSM 900 (890-915 MHz) (2G);
    • The GSM 1800 (1710-1785 MHz) (2G);
    • LTE 830;(4G);
    • LTE 1800 (4G);
    • LTE 1800 n3 (5G); 


    • Identification of mobile equipment acting in standby or transmitting modes;
    • Registering single pulse-transmitting mobile devices (e.g., resulting from the updated location);
    • The possibility to fasten the device to your clothing because it is small and handy;
    • The clip modelled in a way that you can attach it even to a small pocked or on your belt;
    • Phone detection at various distances;
    • The maximum detection distance in open space: 30 m;
    • Detection distance in buildings: ~10 m;
    • The ability to set the detection level from 12 to 90 dB;
    • The minimum probability to get a signal for other electronic devices (the device reacts only to the structure of the mobile phone signal);
    • The ability to turn off the audio alarm with adjustable sound;
    • The data is not lost during the change of the batteries;
    • Battery capacity is shown in three levels;
    • The ability to quietly infiorm the operator with a built in vibration function.
    • The ability to select a 6-digit ID number to identify a series of measurements of the client;
    • Weight with batteries: 80 g;
    • Dimensions: 61*52*20 mm;
    • LC display;
    • 3 buttons for detection and search modes;
    • Simple menu and settings;
    • Acoustic signal speaker;
    • Visual indication: red LED light;
    • Silent signals: vibration mechanism;
    • Black box recording function (saves up to 200 of received signals with a time stamp), allowing the recording of all the mobile phone activities and further analysis of this information;

    Set of equipment

    • GSM module detector MOBIFINDER
    • Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.