SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Screener for Correctional Facilities

  • SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Screener for Correctional Facilities

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    Screener is a single pole  solution to detect unauthorized or illegal cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wearables and even weapons including guns, knives and makeshift shivs and shanks.

  • SentryHound is designed to detect any cell phones, laptops or tablets (ON or OFF) carried on any person walking between its sensor poles. Pole contain 6 sensors running the length of the poles. This allows for accurate cell phone detection across the entire body (head to toe), inside body cavities and also any bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. When any ferromagnetic item passes between the sensors while a person is stepping onto the pressure mat, the poles will glow blue and correspond to the distance and location of the ferromagnetic material (i.e., cell phone) detected. The sensor poles are independent allowing multiple zones to light up simultaneously indicating multiple ferromagnetic objects and their locations on the body. If the cell phone is in the left pocket, the left sensor pole will light up blue in the middle area. If the cell phone is in the right shoe, the right sensor pole will light up at the bottom. If phones are concealed in both of these areas, both areas on the sensors poles will light up at the same time.

    Pole contains 2 LED alert domes at the very top to allow for easily visible alerts regardless of which sensor zone(s) detect a phone. Alerts are held 5 seconds to allow for positive indication after an individual passes through the poles and steps off the pressure mat. 2. Be sure to always keep your SentryHound at least 3 feet away in all directions from any ferrous metals, power lines or electronic devices as this will interfere with the unit’s sensitivity, calibration and ability to detect cell phones reliably. 3. Keep the sensor poles roughly 30” apart (the width of the included mat) from each other. If they are too close, people passing through might bump them which requires a manual calibration. If they are too far apart, some cell phones located centrally on or near the body might not be detected. 4. SentryHound ships with an AC power supply and cables and also includes an optional internal battery system for untethered power all day. Always warm up (poles will glow red) the unit before operation.


    • Sensors: 6 Independent detection zones;
    • Horizontal Range: 30 (user adjustable) inches (between poles);
    • Vertical Range: 75 inches (head to toe);
    • Possible False Triggers Some metallic objects, surfaces & areas of high electo-magnetic activity;
    • Weight: 8 kg;
    • Dimensions:172*30*20;
    • Alerts: Blinking/Fading color LEDs (multi-zone)Intergrated siren with adjustable volume
    • Controls: ON / OFF key switchManual push buttons for calibration & sensitivity (10 levels) adjustment;
    • Calibration Modes: Auto or manual (calibration approximately 20 seconds);
    • Power: 110V AC for continuous operation12V DC Internal rechargable battery with fast charger (10 hours of continuous use);
    • Operating Temp: 14º to 149º F;
    • Made in USA; 

    You can download the full product description and user manual in English here: 




    SentryHound- Ferrous-Detection-tri-fold.pdf

    Set of equipment

    • One SentryHound-Pro Ferromagnetic Contraband Screener;
    • External DC power supply 110 / 220VAC;
    • SentryHound Mobile Phone Gateway User Guide;
    • Keys from the integrated safety lock;
    • 2-pin connector cable for connectors (SPST);
    • High-speed USB cable for software update;
    • Base plate with: Adjustable height feet for various surfaces and suction legs;
    • Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;

    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 20 business days throughout Lithuania.