Yorkie cell phone detector for contraband detection

  • Yorkie cell phone detector for contraband detection

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    Works up to a radius of 45 m indoors and up to 800 m in the field (field of view).  Frequency limits: 600-3800 MHz.

  • Yorkie™ contraband cell phone detector is a handheld receiver designed for covert wireless contraband detection. Yorkie’s light weight, sleek profile and color touchscreen make it ideal for all day use by security personnel, corrections officers and any law enforcement agent requiring a NO CELL PHONE policy in their facility. It is small enough to fit into most pockets to offer vibrating alerts all day to security personnel. 

    This dedicated receiver is ultra-sensitive and able to sniff out all active cell phone use up to 150 feet away using any removable SMA antenna. And since the receiver is passive and does not communicate nor intercept any cellular data at all, it is completely legal and RF invisible – no court orders or warrants required.



    • Contraband cell phone detector small enough to fit into your pocket;
    • Color touchscreen for easy navigation and on-the-fly adjustments;
    • User adjustable thresholds and attenuation for any RF environment;
    • Perfect for contraband detection in prisons, law enforcement facilities, government buildings, etc.;
    • Up to 150 foot detection range for indoor use and up to 1/2 mile outdoors (line of sight);
    • Advanced receiver algorithm ensures that only the strongest cell phone is measured – no false triggers;
    • Locate hidden GPS trackers on any vehicle;
    • Removable standard SMA connection supports many antennas;
    • User selectable bands support many countries in one unit;
    • Included charging dock allows contraband detection all day and night from any desk;
    • Stealth mode allows for hands-free, discreet contraband detection;
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA;
    • DYNAMIC RANGE: 70 dB;
    • SENSITIVITY: 90 dBm;
    • SELECTIVITY REJECTION: Better than 40 dB;
    • RECEIVING MODES: High-speed active scanning;
    • ANTENNAS SUPPORTED: Removable omni-directional SMA connection;
    • POWER REQUIREMENTS: Internal built-in 3.2 Ah Li-Ion battery / external 12 VDC nominal;
    • CHARGING: 4-5 hours (may be charged while in operation but not recommended for daily use);
    • BATTERY RUNTIME: Up to 4 hours;
    • DISPLAY & CONTROL: 240*320 sunlight readable color TFT with a resistive touch screen;
    • UNIT DIMENSIONS: 5.5” * 3” * 1.25”;
    • DOCK DIMENSIONS: 4” * 3” * 2”;
    • DOCKED USE: Dual fans with manual switch for prolonged operation during charging;
    • PORTS: Mini-USB;
    • ALERTS: Vibration (toggleable) and visible (blue LED on top of unit);
    • SOUND: Audible feedback from touchscreen taps;  


    You can download the full product description and user manual in English here: 



    Set of equipment

    • Yorkie Mobile Phone Detector (CE Approved); 
    • Yorkie user guide and video (USB key);
    • Monopolar passive high performance antenna 690-2700 MHz (3.95 dBi, SMA  connector);
    • Loading station with an external transformer for fast and slow charging;
    • Mini USB cable to upgrade the software;
    • Rugged Pelican case with safety shutter;
    • Instructions for use in Lithuanian and English; 

    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.