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    Immediately identifies and alerts for hidden BLE tags.

  • BlueSleuth-Lite BLE Tag Detector is a palm-sized BLE tracker and device detector that can scan all day from inside your pocket. It immediately detects and identifies Apple AirTags, Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags, Tile Trackers, Eufy SmartTracks and other popular brands used to stalk and track people. BlueSleuth-Lite can also detect nearby BLE devices including wireless earbuds, wearables, smartphones, tablets and more. Don’t be fooled by other devices claiming to easily detect BLE tags. Wideband receivers like those do not contain our proprietary algorithm that immediately identifies specific BLE tags through their advertising packets allowing location of hidden tags through realtime signal strength measurements. BlueSleuth-Lite is ideal for anyone’s personal security and any security pro including bodyguards, law enforcement and executive protection experts.

    BlueSleuth-Lite Benefits Overview

    • Immediately identifies and alerts for hidden BLE tags;
    • More sensitive and accurate than any smartphone app;
    • Identify BLE tags and devices by manufacturer;
    • All-day BLE tag detection in your pocket;
    • Charges wirelessly using Qi standard and included charging pad;

    Personal BLE trackers are creating a dangerous situation at the intersection of physical safety and digital privacy

    • GPS trackers have been in use for many years. I know because my company has built many wireless security devices for prisons, wireless safety devices for railways, and wireless test devices for EV charger installations. We’ve also sold many GPS tracker detectors to law enforcement and private investigators but a new breed of miniature, anonymous and disposable tracker has appeared.

    The Problem

    • Tiny BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) trackers are being used all over the world. Jealous partners, stalkers and a variety of criminals are deploying these trackers at an alarming rate to carry out their illegal acts with little to no risk of getting caught. How is this possible? In order to keep thieves in the dark, tracker manufacturers build in an artificial notification delay. This way, a bicycle thief, for instance, won’t know that they’ve stolen a bike containing a hidden tracker before the owner realizes it’s gone. This gives victims valuable time to notify authorities or retrieve the lost or stolen item before the criminal can discover and discard that hidden tracker.

    Most users do not receive this notification until hours or even days later

    • Unfortunately, this same delay can also be exploited by stalkers and thieves to track people and their belongings long before the victims are notified. These warning notifications typically appear anywhere between 8 to 24 hours after the tracker has already been hidden and some studies suggest even longer. This delayed warning can lead to all kinds of crimes and victimizations. To make matters worse, tags with audible chimes are being disabled and re-sold as ‘silent tags’ so victims cannot hear and locate hidden trackers. So if you don’t own a smartphone or don’t have it on you, you have no way of knowing you are being tracked. And the over 2.7 billion Android users worldwide cannot receive any stalking notifications unless they install and launch a specific app that has to run in the background all the time. It’s almost like the tags are stacked against us.

    Technical Details

    In order to achieve a full year of battery life, personal trackers send out infrequent BLE pings lasting only milliseconds making them impossible to detect without advanced algorithms, calibrated antennas and dedicated receivers. We’ve taken years of R&D that we already poured into our expensive solutions and miniaturized them all into an affordable, palm-sized solution that can attach to any keyring.

    BlueSleuth-Lite is pocket-sized and fits in your palm

    BlueSleuth-Lite is pocket-sized and is small enough to fit in your palm and even attach to a keyring so it’s always available. The unit features charging through both USB-Mini and an advanced Qi wireless charging system for convenience (charging pad included). An internal Lithium-Ion battery holds enough charge to operate for a full day. Operation is simple – a single two-way toggle/push button switch allows navigation through all nearby BLE tags and devices, thresholds and alert settings including vibrating alerts. This allows users to keep BlueSleuth-Lite in their pocket, automobile, home or wherever while checking for suspicious BLE trackers.

    BlueSleuth-Lite identifies all hidden BLE tags by manufacturer

    All major BLE trackers (AirTag, Tile, Eufy, Galaxy Smart Tags, PebbleBee, Chipolo, etc.) are immediately detected and displayed by name and icon making hidden ones easy to locate and identify. Since BlueSleuth-Lite can detect all BLE devices, the user can also choose to search for any BLE device including earbuds, smartwatches, phones, tablets, PCs and much more but BLE trackers always have priority. If multiple trackers are detected, they are listed according to signal strength (best indicator of proximity) so that the user may drill down on a specific tag for more information. Advanced scanning algorithms ensure that only BLE tags are detected and displayed and threshold settings allow users to narrow the scanning radius in areas where there is a lot of BLE activity.

    In Conclusion

    There is no app, no product and no company that can immediately detect all major personal BLE trackers the way we do. Rather than spending valuable time and money on patents and lawyers, we’ve decided to just build the solution and offer it directly to the customers that need it the most. But in order to enter this consumer market and prepare for mass production in a way we’ve never had to think about before, my company is relying heavily upon the Kickstarter community for your feedback and funding of this prototype and subsequent production runs. Funding goal is set to cover our R&D costs and not cost of goods sold unless pledges exceed our goal.





    Set of equipment

    • BLE tAG Detector;
    • Instructions for use in Lithuanian and English;

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