GSM listening device with magnet (Door Alarm)

  • GSM listening device with magnet (Door Alarm)

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    Continuous listening:: ~ 5 hours. Dimensions:  40*34*14 mm.

  • Interested what is going on at home after you leave?  You will benefit from the remotely operated GSM listening device.

    This device with magnet supports the four global standard GSM frequencies (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz) so you can be sure that this device will work anywhere.


    SMS-operated functions

    SMS message about open, closed door;

    Sound-activated callback (activated or deactivated);

    Vibration-activated automatic callback;

    Callback activated during set intervals (from 2 to 600 minutes);

    Battery capacity indicator;

    Shows the location of the device on a map (by clicking a link on your phone or via computer);

    Assigning a phone number (cannot be called from an unassigned telephone number);

    Hands-free conversation with the assigned phone number;

    Ability to choose to receive answers in Russian or English language;



    SMS warning message about open/closed door;

    Vibration or sound-activated automatic callback;

    Hands-free conversation with the assigned phone number;

    Possibility to assign up to 5 telephone numbers, which can call the device;


    With magnet;

    Ability to listen at any time of the day;

    Clearly audible voices and sounds;

    Ability to listen to conversations from abroad;


    The sound is transmitted through a GSM mobile telephone network;

    Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (suitable for use all over the world);

    Dimensions: 40*34*14 mm;

    Microphone range: ~20 m2;

    Operating time with the voice-activation function: up to 8 days;

    Talk time: up to 5 hrs.;

    The battery can be charged using the USB port on your computer;

    Can be continiously used for 24 hours;

    You can keep it constantly connected to the electricity network or the car charging adaptor (so that it would constantly charge);


    Set of equipment

    GSM listening device with magnet (Door alarm);

    USB cable;

    Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.