GSM listening device Radio-Clock

  • GSM listening device Radio-Clock

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      Continuous listening:: ~ 7*24 hours. Dimensions:13*4.5 cm.

  • We offer an exclusive long-term listening solution. This "bug" clock is very well disguised and looks like a regular "Philips" clock. The listening module is powered directly from the clock, so it can operate continiously for a long time. This GSM listening device will provide an excellent opportunity to assess what is going on in the room you are interested in remotely, by using your mobile phone from an unlimited distance. The device can be used as alarm system - whenever a sound source sound appears in the room, it immediately communicates with the mobile phone, so you will be able to listen to what is going on.



    • Extremely well camouflaged GSM listening device installed in a "Philips" clock;
    • Adapted for long-term continuous operation;
    • The clock is no different from a usual one from the outside (you need to open the clock casing to find the "bug");
    • Voice activation function and adjustable sensitivity;
    • Possibility to fully manage it by inserting a SIM card;
    • Maximum distance from the microphone: 10 meters;
    • Very clear sound;

    Set of equipment

    • Philips radio-clock with built-in listening device;
    • Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;
    • Charging adapter;


    Warranty: 12 months.;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.