Spies only in films?

Spies only in films?

Eavesdropping bugs, miniature microphones, and pen-mounted cameras — that's the everyday life of spies in action films.

But you've probably felt that uncomfortable feeling of being watched or eavesdropped on, at least once in your life. Uncontrollable fantasies can quickly turn into paranoia when you start to suspect not only those around you, but also yourself, especially as secret cameras and eavesdropping equipment can nowadays be hidden in plain sight, for example, in the study, in the car, or even in your own home! Some trackers are so small that they can even be clipped to a clothes pocket, belt, or handbag. So, if you have any nagging or even reasonable suspicions that you are being eavesdropped on or monitored, check if there is a bug, a secret camera, a GPS, or a GSM tracker.


Our e-shop offers a wide range of detectors: from private use with convenient eavesdropping or bugging detectors, to multifunctional tracking equipment for professionals: from radio frequency, mobile phone and lens detectors, to broadband wireless radio detectors, to ferromagnetic contraband scanning devices that detect even switched-off mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches, as well as guns, effectively.


If you already need to buy a bug detector, talk to a professional to find out what specific equipment it can detect, as some devices only detect eavesdropping bugs or tape recorders, while others detect secret cameras, others detect radio frequencies, etc.

Another important thing to consider is the maximum distance at which the detector detects signals. This is particularly important where eavesdropping or surveillance equipment may be hidden in large areas of the premises.

When looking for a bug detector, the quality of the tracking device should be taken into account, as it will also determine the effectiveness of the search. The new generation of detectors has impeccable technical characteristics and the highest level of specifications to ensure maximum detection capability: true quality search equipment detects up to 99% of all hidden devices.


Using modern digital radio protocols (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G, DECT, Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth), modern signal detectors detect 2G/3G/4G and even 5G GSM wireless devices, digital and wireless-analogue covert CCTV cameras, GPS locators, high-frequency cameras and microphones, and a wide range of other sources of information leaks.

The new generation of professional bug detectors can capture and detect signals from even the most sophisticated and well-hidden devices (for example, behind walls or under mattresses).


The applications of bug detectors are wide-ranging. They can be used to detect covert video or audio surveillance equipment or other signals in:

  • meeting rooms in offices to detect hidden eavesdropping or video surveillance equipment;
  • educational institutions during exams;
  • changing rooms, baths and showers, hotel rooms, hospitals, and other areas where personal privacy must be ensured;
  • correctional and detention facilities, when searching for illegally used mobile phones, and when checking illegally stored items in prisoners' clothing, hair, and body cavities;
  • museums and events, and to ensure universal security by checking visitors' clothing and belongings;
  • government buildings, law enforcement agencies, military bases, financial institutions, where it is necessary to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information;
  • airports, when screening passengers and their luggage;
  • vehicles, searching for covertly installed GPS trackers.


Bug detectors have a signal — an LED light, a vibration, or a beeping sound — to indicate that a hidden device has been detected, and the signal usually gets louder and more intense as you get closer to a bug. Parameters are set and controlled in a very simple, intuitive way. The kit comes with instructions for using the device in Lithuanian and English.