What equipment do spies use?

What equipment do spies use?

Detectives, sleuths, and spies existed even when the world did not yet have secret eavesdropping equipment, GPS trackers, or mini surveillance cameras.

Today, all these devices are part of our daily routine: in banks, supermarkets, workplaces, homes. It's no surprise when you hear that there's a mini camera in a child's room light or a GPS tracker in a dog's collar. There are so many ways and means of tracking other people and gathering the information we need, that we can all be spies if we use covert surveillance equipment.

Eavesdropping equipment

These devices are used when we want to hear what is happening in a particular place remotely. Ordinary people usually use eavesdropping equipment in their homes and/or cars (for the safety of young children, teenagers, elderly parents, or grandparents), while business people and employers use it on their premises or in company vehicles (when there are reasonable grounds for suspecting fraud, the security of company assets, or the confidentiality of information).

Eavesdropping equipment can be discreetly embedded in any personal item — a pen, a mobile phone charger, a child's toy, a lamp, etc.

Hidden cameras

If eavesdropping alone is not enough to dispel any doubts, you can just as easily install a hidden camera in your home or elsewhere. It's hard to believe, but the mini camera can fit in a pen, marker, USB stick, lighter, watch, phone charger, or car keys! You can even buy glasses with a hidden camera at slapukas.lt!

Even the smallest mini cameras can capture high-quality, high-definition images, and some models even have a night filming function.

In addition to capturing video and sound, camera clocks have additional features such as a voice recorder, camera, and USB stick.

Hidden cameras can be used for a variety of reasons. Parents with children set them up so that they can keep an eye on their underage children from a distance and have peace of mind about their safety. In the home environment, mini cameras are useful for checking the honesty and trustworthiness of the people who help in the home: when a child is left with a babysitter, when a housekeeper or gardener arrives.

Tracking and location equipment

GPS trackers are devices that allow real-time tracking of a specific object, i.e., the exact location or direction of a moving or stationary object. By inserting a SIM card into the tracking equipment, the GPS tracker can be controlled and programmed by sending SMS messages to the tracker, or the movement of the object can be monitored in real time via a server.

GPS tracking and location equipment is nowadays used both in everyday life and in the working world, for example, to ensure the safety of people, animals, valuable home or business assets, or to protect work tools and cars.

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