How to find a hidden camera?

How to find a hidden camera?

Do you feel you are being watched? Trust your intuition, don't ignore it. According to surveys, 58% of respondents said they were concerned about hidden cameras in Airbnb.

In addition, 11% actually found one on their Airbnb. Using hidden cameras to spy on people has never been easier. High-tech spy cameras are available for as little as €15 on mainstream markets such as Amazon. It makes sense to be extra careful about your privacy when such technologies are so readily available. Use these tips to learn how to find a hidden camera, especially when you're staying in a hotel, renting an Airbnb or a car, or using any public facility.


People use hidden cameras for different reasons - some ethical, others - not. You can install covert surveillance on your property, which is a secret camera to prevent intruders from knowing they are being watched. You can also use a nanny cam to keep an eye on the nanny while you are away. Law enforcement agencies use hidden cameras to keep order in public places. Employers may also sometimes use this technology to monitor employees for security reasons. But in many cases, people use spy cameras unethically.


Supervisory laws vary from country to country, but the general principle is the same. It is illegal to use a hidden camera anywhere you have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”.  The intent of covert surveillance determines its legality. Secret chambers and their use are only lawful on sound moral grounds. To install a covert surveillance system, you need to own the property or obtain a warrant. You must also make sure that you are not breaking any other laws in doing so. Hidden cameras in hotel rooms, rented flats, Airbnbs, and rental cars are clearly illegal because you expect privacy in these places. However, landlords may still place cameras in corridors, lobbies, or other public areas for security reasons if they inform you. Mini cameras are commonly used, making them difficult to spot.

Airbnb also has a clear monitoring policy that requires all cameras on the premises to be listed, whether operational or not. So, if you are concerned, be sure to check the list carefully. Hidden cameras are completely against the rules as their policy states: “Intentionally hidden recording devices (e.g., hidden security cameras) are never allowed”. Now that you know what's against the law and what's not, it's time to start the hunt for hidden cameras. If you find one, be sure to report it to local law enforcement and hotel management, or the Airbnb customer service, if you're traveling.


Privacy is a human right; therefore, you should never compromise it. If you have reason to believe that someone is eavesdropping on you or you simply want to ensure your privacy, examine your surroundings. There are various methods to find a hidden camera, but their effectiveness varies. You still need to think smart even with the most advanced detection devices. This means thinking like someone who wants to use a hidden camera, knowing, what to look for, and looking in the right places:

  • Think like someone, who wants to install an eavesdropping camera: if you want to install a hidden camera, place it somewhere where you can see what you want to see. Ceilings, corners, shelves, and bathrooms are key points.
  • Know what to look for: you may not be able to find the body of a hidden camera, but the lens will always be in plain sight. That's what you need to look for. The only exception is when it is behind a two-way mirror.
  • Look in the right places: scanning a location for a secret camera is not easy. The best strategy is to narrow your search and look in the right places.

So, there can be many different cameras, so be careful and take care of your safety.