Connection blocking case BLACK

  • Connection blocking case BLACK

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    Natural leather. Dimensions: 18.5*11 cm

  • Real leather. If you suspect that you are being tracked or just want to take preventive measures, choose this phone case. It is very easy to use – you just need to put your mobile phone in the case for it to prevent any connection.

    Modern design one case made from real leather. 

    Possible uses

    • Mobile telephone signal blocking;
    • Preventing car remote key signal retranslation;
    • Protection of bank cards and other recognition devices using NFC, RFID or other similar technology from scanning;
    • In private meetings;
    • In order to ensure the security of the information;
    • Protection from the phone tapping or the tracking;
    • Protection against information leakage;
    • Use in conference halls, offices;

     Set of equipment

    • Connection blocking case;


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