Attention — a hidden camera!

Attention — a hidden camera!

Smile, you're on a hidden camera! — that's what the hosts of one TV show used to laughingly say to people in unexpected situations who didn't know they were being watched.

Today, hidden cameras are no longer an attribute of TV games or agents in spy movies, but a real-life device that is in demand and often used.

Candid cameras are so tiny and so cleverly designed that it is difficult for someone who does not know they exist to even suspect their existence. Miniature covert cameras can be used in absolutely any room: home, office, industrial premises, car, etc.


Hidden cameras are nothing new and are used for a variety of reasons. Typically, covert mini cameras are placed somewhere when there is a need to investigate or verify something suspicious, when there are reasonable doubts about certain activities or behaviour, and when it is not possible to record events in the open with a CCTV device.

In the workplace, secret cameras are often used in the event of dishonest behaviour by hired staff or any illegal activity. In the family, when there are suspicions of infidelity on the part of a partner, or to monitor the activities of minor children at home, for their own safety, and parental peace of mind. In the home, as a babysitter, housekeeper, or gardener, when you want to know that you can trust the people hired for a particular job because there are cases of child abuse or even theft.

Undercover cameras can be used to follow suspicious people to gather clues and expose them, as the information you gather could be used as official evidence in court disputes.


All hidden cameras have the same purpose — to capture images and record sound when the camera is activated. The footage can be saved to digital media or watched instantly on your computer, tablet, or other smart device.

Depending on your needs, only the technical parameters and capabilities of the hidden cameras will vary: size, resolution, continuous recording time, night filming, additional photography function, etc.

If you only need covert surveillance for a few hours, you can choose a wireless camera that doesn't require power and is easy to carry with you. However, if you want to monitor something for a longer period of time and in one place, a fixed camera connected to a power supply with a longer continuous recording time would be most suitable. When choosing a hidden camera, you should consider whether you want to monitor the images directly (which will require an internet connection) or whether a device that records the information on a memory card and allows you to view it at your convenience will suffice.

If you have any doubts about which camera to choose, our experts are always ready to listen to your needs and help you choose the best option for you.


You won't believe how many places there are to hide a camera! It can be any personal or household item, a piece of décor, or even a clothespin! Our e-shop offers a range of mini hidden cameras built into glasses, wristwatches, desk clocks, car remotes, USB memory sticks, chargers, motion or smoke detectors, and pens. The miniature camera is very easy to hide among objects, in a painting or even under your clothes (as long as the camera head, which captures images and sound, sticks out).

The range of hidden cameras is really wide, so it's really easy to find the one that best suits your needs and helps you avoid the unknown. The cameras are easy to operate and maintain, and our technicians are always on hand to train you in the use of your chosen device.