ALL-CAN300 Teltonika

  • ALL-CAN300 Teltonika

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  • Communication network can provide you with a wide range of data that can be used to reduce running costs, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance processes and support environmental responsibility.

    We support more than 2500 models of various vehicles – trucks, buses, light vehicles, agriculture, construction and other special transport models, and this number is constantly growing. Teltonika Telematics provides wiring schemes for every supported vehicle, which helps make installation smoother and faster.


    Professional solution for companies wishing to monitor CAN data from any kind of transport. More than 2500 different models of light vehicles, trucks, buses, agriculture transport and special transport are currently supported.


    Supported by FMB1YX, FMU1YX, FMC1YX, FMM1YX, FM36YX, FM6300, FMB640, FMM640, FMC640;

    Input voltage range 9 - 63.5 V DC;

    Power consumption At 12 V < 0.4 mA (Standby);

    At 12 V < 23.5 mA (Working);

    At 24 V < 0.33 mA (Standby);

    At 24 V < 11.5 mA (Working);

    Operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C;

    Operating humidity Max 85 % non-condensing;

    LED indication 1 status LED light;

    Fuel level (Dashboard);

    Vehicle mileage;

    Door status;

    Engine speed (RPM);

    Oil pressure/level status;

    Acceleration position;

    Engine temperature;

    Vehicle speed;

    Accelerator pedal position;

    VIN number;

    Lights status;

    CNG level;

    Total CNG consumption;

    Engine is working on CNG status;

    AdBlue level (Dashboard);


    Simple Tacho;

    Seat belt status;

    Check engine;

    And more...;

    *Number of parameters depends on vehicle model, year and equipment;

    Dimensions 41*33*14.5 mm;

    Weight 55 g.;





    Set of equipment

    ALL-CAN300 Teltonika;

    Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 24 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.