Acoustic generator box

  • Acoustic generator box

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     Hearing protection.

  • If you want to protect a conference or the privacy of an important conversation, choose this the acoustic generator box. Acoustic generator box provides protection against tapping. You just need to put mobile phones in the acoustic generator box during an important conversation. Cell phones will be connected to the network, but since the box is generating white noise, which is directly recorded by the microphone, your conversation will be safe from eavesdropping.

    The acoustic generator box will not allow mobile phones to transmit or record of important conversations during the conference. During the generation of the white noise, the receiving party will heat only loud fizz instead of the conversation, which is impossible to remove by any filtering equipment. The box itself does not emit any sound.

    Possible uses

    • In order to ensure the security of the information;
    • Protection from the phone tapping or the tracking;
    • Protection against information leakage;
    • Use in conference halls, offices; 


    • Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery;
    • Power: 200mW;
    • Power supply: Internal Li-ion battery;
    • Battery voltage/capacity: 3.7 V/2000mAh;
    • Effect type: Acoustic white noise;
    • Noise characteristics: Pseudo-random signal;
    • Box dimensions: 26*22*10,5 cm;
    • Maximum amount of mobile phones Phone length: ~16,3 cm;
    • Operation: ~25 hours;
    • Loading: ~4 hours; (the device can be used according to its function while charging);
    • Made In Lithuania;

    Set of equipment

    • Acoustic generator box;
    • Charger;
    • Instructions for use in Lithuanian language;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.