Car key remote 4K

  • Car key remote 4K

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    32 Gb Micro SD (+12 Eur)
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    64 Gb Micro SD (+24 Eur)
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     Video: 4K. 3840*2160. Continuous recording: ~ 90 min.

  • The car key remote 4K - an untraceable micro-camera hidden in a car key pendant. Ideally suited for secret observation or for personal protection. This is a great tool of trade for a spy, enabling you to carry the camera with you anywhere without attracting any suspicion from the surrounding people.



    Classy design;

    Built-in microphone, which records audio and video;

    Built-in WIFI allows you to control, view and download video in your smartphone, distance is 10 meters;

    Photo function;

    Video format: AVI;

    Video resolution: 4K; 3840*2160;

    Charging voltage: DC 5 V;

    USB flash drive function;

    "Micro SD" connection port;

    Continuous recording time when the camera is fully charged: ~90 min.;

    "Micro SD" memory card;

    Rechargeable by using any USB port;

    Charging time: ~3 hrs.;

    Battery: 900 mAh;


    Set of equipment

    Car remote control 4K;

    USB cable;

    Key chain;

    BMW model stick;

    Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.