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     Latest generation chip: MTK 2503. Dimensions:  122*58*22 mm. Up to 5000 km in mixed city and motorway mode. Battery life: ~ 1 year; 

  • The latest generation chip - MTK2503, which extends tracker life. Extremely powerful 12000 mAh battery. Tracking history is stored on the server for up to 12 months. Supplied with a car charging adapter.

    A GPS tracker is a device used to determine the positioning or the direction of travel of the object. You can use it in real time to easily determine the exact location of a moving or stationary object.

    After inserting a Sim card in the GPS tracker, it is managed and programmed by sending it SMS messages from a telephone. The device coordinates are sent to the user via SMS messages. It is also possible to monitor the movement of the object in real time through a server. The user can review and analyze the information he colelcted regarding the movement of the object. The server ensures the accessibility of the information regarding the positioning of the object and its travel path in real time. Its location appears in "Google maps". You can review the information via the manufacturer's application at your mobile phone or a computer. By purchasing a GPS tracker in our shop, you wil lbe able to use the server without any time limitations.



    • Type: GPS/GPRS/GSM;
    • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz;
    • The ability to track an object in real time;
    • Powerful battery: 12000mAh;
    • Battery life: about 1 year;
    • Up to 5000 km in mixed city and motorway mode;
    • Up to 3000 km in city mode; 
    • Has a listening function;
    • Ability to record voices to internal GPS tracker memory; (It will be possible to listen the recordings through the server / APP); 
    • Water resistant: IP66;
    • Powerful magnet;
    • Integrated motion/vibration sensor to ensure a longer battery lifetime and allowing the tracker to inform the owner that the object has moved;
    • Over speed Alarm;
    • The tracker reports the last position of an object prior to the disappearance of the signal (in case the object is located at an underground parking lot or a place with no GPS signal);
    • The possibility to attach the tracker to the car body;
    • History is recorded on server for up to 12 months;
    • Working temperature: from-20 to + 60 ℃;
    • Dimensions: 122*58*22 mm;
    • Weight: 278 g;


    Set of equipment

    • Server without time restrictions;
    • Household charger (connected to a 220 V voltage source);
    • Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.