Full HD pen camera V8

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      Video: 1280*720P; 1920*1080. Continuous recording: ~   60 min.

  • Full HD pen camera. Simple operation: pressing the button activates or deactivates the camera. Whenever the camera pen is recording, it shows a dull blue light at one end of the pen (it can be masked with a piece of black insulation tape).

     Possible uses

    This device is very convenient to use and suitable for all who need to secretly film someone. The pen can be put in the front pocket of the jacket or a shirt pocket and easily film the desired object. In addition, if you put it in the pen case, it is convenient to film the whole premise (class, bureau, corridot, etc.)


    Other options

    Evidence collection for lawsuits (audio and video material);

    Filming in restricted places (while taking responsibility for own actions);

    Video recording for your pleasure and a myriad of other uses;



    Video format: AVI;

    Video resolution: VGA (1280*720P; 1920*1080);

    Camera function (1,3 MP);

    Charging voltage: DC 5 V;

    USB flash drive function;

    Installed lithium-ion battery and a USB connector (port);

    Continuous recording time when the camera is fully charged: up to 75 min.;

    Rechargeable by using any USB port;

    A miniature filming hole near the button of the pen causes no suspicion;


    Set of equipment

    Full HD pen camera V8;

    USB cable;

    Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.