Mini camera 4G

  • Mini camera 4G

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    Video resolution: 1920*1080. Battery life in standby mode up to 120 days. Viewing angle: 140°. 

  • It is a mini camera 4G into which a SIM card is inserted. It has video recording, photography, PIR motion detection functions and night vision. It is also possible to monitor, manage and store files in real time using a smartphone app (App).

    Use: For the safety of yourself and your children.



    Integrated DVR recorder and camera;

    Detection, recording functions;

    PIR sensor;

    Night vision;

    Compact, has a leg that is easy to attach;

    The ability to remotely control, view and download videos to a smartphone from anywhere in the world;


    Video encoding: H.264+;

    Image encoding: JPEG;

    Image resolution: 1920*1080;

    Viewing angle: 140°;

    Battery: 2600 mAh;

    Battery life in standby mode up to 120 days;

    Night vision;

    Ability to turn on the speaker remotely;

    Micro SD card (max. capacity - 256 GB);

    Overwrite function (Overwrite);

    Can also work with constant power supply;

    Recording mode: motion detection function, continuous;

    Dimensions: 5.2*3.6*3.6 cm;

    OS: Android/iOS; Windows/Mac;


    Set of equipment

    Mini camera 4G;

    USB wire;

    Directions for use in English and Lithuanian languages;


    Warranty: 12 months;

    Free delivery: within 2 business days throughout Lithuania.